The Walking Trout website is a repository for photos taken during various excursions into the California backwoods, primarily the Eastern Sierras.  The website also serves to memorialize various journals written by this writer and his comrades, typically during the adventures themselves, but sometimes as “late entries” annotated upon later reflection as the grizzled adventurers were restored to their more genteel existence in the cityscape.  Accordingly, the pace of the logs may be at times plodding, some typos or gaps in the story may remain, and certainly the reflections and revelations with respect to the relative superiority of mountain-life over city-life are influenced by the intoxication of fresh air, the camaraderie of infrequently-seen friends, the slow pace of the unfolding adventure, and perhaps most of all, the lack of available oxygen in the higher altitudes.    

Unless noted otherwise, all journal entries were penned by this writer, and are transcribed as they appear in the handwritten journals.  While some of the trip descriptions may serve as useful trip logs for backpackers planning upcoming trips, the logs are really just entertainment.  Invariably, the writings are non-technical and lighthearted, meant for enjoyment and reflection rather than the accurate identification of various peaks, the categorization of flora and fauna, or other more “worthwhile” endeavors.  That said, the attentive reader may glean useful information regarding trip mileage and difficulty, gear reviews, and the ongoing debate over the quality of various freeze-dried food manufacturers.

This writer hopes you enjoy the logs and the photos, and encourages you to Keep Walking  (or swimming, if you are a trout).  

Contact:  steve@walkingtrout.com